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Affection, care & passion.

The farms of the Moscardini Group are located in the Alta Mogiana region.


Our family

The Moscardini family is part of the 4th generation of coffee growers who continue the legacy of producing high quality coffees in the Alta Mogiana region (Franca/SP). This region is known for its highly fertile soils and excellent terrain for coffee, and is recognized as a Geographical Indication.

A Q-Grader is responsible for selecting the best

batches to be roasted by Cafés Moscardini. Our team

of employees has several international certifications, such as QGrader and Barista SCA.


very high coffee

In the coffee farms of the Moscardini group, only Arabica varieties are cultivated. Quality standards and international protocols are followed in the farms' production process, as well as the sustainability of the entire chain is very important to have the best coffees.


Buy from those who produce

The Moscardini Brothers manage to bring the best coffee to your home: different editions so that you can have a variety of flavors, being able to discover new nuances, but always with high quality. Our editions are both for those who already consume specialty coffees, and for those who are not used to it: we start with the strongest coffee, Cocoa and Nuts, and gradually evolve our taste through Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Chocolate with Fruits until that we reached the pinnacle with Frutado, our highest-scoring   coffee.



We have 6 different types of coffee, varying roast, beans and nuances. From a light roast, showing sweetness and acidity, we pass through the medium roasts and reach the dark roast, which brings more full-bodied coffees and a longer aftertaste.

Nossos Cafés
Nossos Cafés

Nossos Cafés


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